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Advanced CPR Training Manikin–Computer/Tablet Control | Product Code:EX-CPR6000

Add Date:2023/6/13


1. Executive standard: in comply with the latest AHA CPR& ECC Guidelines
2. New product upgrade, beautiful software interface design, using 2D charts to display the datas
3. The software supports PC and tablet versions, Windows / Android systems
4. The manikin and PC/Tablet device adopt wireless connection: support USB serial port / WiFi
5. Free movement of upper limbs joints.
6. Changes in pupils and carotid arteries: after successful rescue, the pupil will automatically changed from dilated to
normal and restore the autonomous pulsation
7. Consciousness judgment, first aid call, breath and pulse judgment, foreign body removal, AED arrival, electric shock
and other operational process exercises can be performed
8. Airway open status indicated on software interface
9. Real-time operation wave to display the performance of chest compression and ventilation, voice prompts for correct
and incorrect operation, statistical data printing results. Two modes can be realized:
① Training mode: 4 training modules: single operation, double operation, single ventilation operation, and single chest
compression operation. No time limits, A voice prompt during the operation which can be turned off. Both of the single
operation and double operation moudles, compression and ventilation ratio are strictly in accordance with 30: 2
② Examination mode: single operation and double operation can be selected according to the requirements of the
examination. No voice prompt during the whole process. Available to set the operation time and cycles, and count
down the time. Compression and ventilation ratio are strictly in accordance with 30: 2 . After successful rescue, the
manikin restore the vital signs
10. Real-time data monitoring:
① Compression depth: insufficient compression, correct compression, excessive compression, non-rebound
compression, correct and incorrect compression position, playback of the compression waveform
② Compression frequency: real-time frequency and average frequency
③ Ventilation: insufficient ventilation, correct ventilation, excessive ventilation, air into stomach, playback of the ventilation
11. System settings: Available to set the compression depth, compression frequency, ventilation volume, ventilation
frequency, cycle numbers, and operation time
12. Records of compression interruption time: the interruption time and average interruption time between each cycle
13. Operation results can be saved in local document, played back, and printed
14. The setting of the student timeline, clearly record what the student did at the determined time, and can be played back
15. Power supply: using large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery
16. Defibrillation function: Simulated AED (DM-FA6822) can be used for defibrillation exercises (AED is an optional


Lung bag
② Transparent sheet
③ Silicone sheet
④ Bottom plate
⑤ Battery
⑥ Compression ruler
⑦ Spring
⑧ Abdominal skin (removable)
⑨ Sponge legs
⑩ Arm (joint movable)
⑪ Switch
⑫ Power jack
⑬ Carotid pulsation (recovery of pulsation
after rescue)
⑭ Facial skin (replaceable)
⑮ Pupil teaching (successful rescue from
dilated to normal)

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