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Detachable Intramuscular Injection Buttock | Product Code:EX-NS6028

Add Date:2023/6/14
1. Adult buttock, precise anatomical structure
2. Both sides are suitable for injection practice, realistic
3. Electronic monitoring, indicating injection position,
depth by LED lights and sound alert

4. Zipper setting

① Battery jar
② Zipper
③ Injection error area (bilateral)
④ Inject the correct area (bilateral)
⑤ Apex of iliac spine (bilateral)
⑥ Green light (indicating that the injection range is correct)
⑦ Red light (indicating that the injection range is wrong)
⑧ Anterior superior iliac spine (bilateral)
⑨ Gluteal sulcus (bilateral)
⑩ Apex of gluteal cleft (bilateral)

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