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Anatomical model of bovine kidney Product Code:EX-C002

Add Date:2024/3/20
An anatomical model of a bovine would typically include detailed representations of the skeletal system, muscular system, and internal organs of a cow. This model would be used for educational purposes in veterinary schools, agricultural programs, and other related fields.

The skeletal system of a bovine model would show the bones of the cow, including the skull, ribs, spine, and limbs. The muscular system would display the muscles of the cow, highlighting the major muscle groups such as the shoulder, hindquarters, and abdomen. The internal organs would be depicted in detail, showing the digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system, and other vital organs.

An anatomical model of a bovine would be a valuable tool for students and professionals to study the anatomy of cows and learn about their physiology. It can also be used for teaching purposes in classrooms, laboratories, and veterinary clinics.

ParameterHalf size skeleton contains 200bones, flexible jaw, removablecalvarium and detachable leg

Dimension: 240x370x80(mm)

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