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Anatomical model of bovine stomach Product Code:EX-C004

Add Date:2024/3/20
An anatomical model of a bovine stomach typically includes the following features:

1. Four compartments: rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum
2. The rumen is the largest compartment and is responsible for fermentation of food
3. The reticulum is located next to the rumen and helps to break down the food further
4. The omasum is responsible for absorbing water and nutrients from the food
5. The abomasum is the true stomach of the cow and is similar to the stomach of other monogastric animals
6. The model may also include the esophagus, which connects the mouth to the stomach

7. The model may be color-coded to differentiate between the different compartments and structures

An anatomical model of a bovine stomach can be a useful tool for veterinary students, farmers, and anyone else interested in learning more about the digestive system of cows.

ParameterMake a midline section along the front and back of the stomach

Dimension: 310x620x340(mm)

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