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Anatomical model of pig kidney Product Code:EX-P002

Add Date:2024/3/20

A pig kidney is a vital organ in the urinary system that filters waste products from the blood and produces urine. An anatomical model of a pig kidney would typically show the external structure of the kidney, including the renal cortex, renal medulla, renal pelvis, and renal artery and vein. It may also show the internal structures of the kidney, such as the nephrons, collecting ducts, and renal papilla.

The model may be color-coded to differentiate between different structures and may also include labels to identify important parts of the kidney. An anatomical model of a pig kidney can be a valuable tool for students, researchers, and healthcare professionals to study the anatomy and function of this important organ.

ParameterA cross-section of the right kidney shows a smooth papillary kidney

Dimension: 180x190x450(mm)

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